Atlantic County Utilities Authority Announces Changes to Recycling Program

December 11, 2018

Source: SNJ Today Staff

Some changes are coming to the way we recycle in Atlantic County. The most notable changes are with plastic bottles. Here is a Top 10 Items list as seen on the SNJ Article that outlines the upcoming changes.

Atlantic County residents should keep these Top 10 items out of their bins:

  1. Any plastic other than #1 or #2 bottles, jugs and containers that have smaller necks than bases
  2. Plastic bags (these should be recycled at local grocery stores instead)
  3. Take-out containers
  4. Single-use plates, cups, and utensils
  5. Plastic bottle caps and lids
  6. Foam or paper coffee cups
  7. Frozen-food boxes
  8. Batteries
  9. Hazardous materials like needles, light bulbs, or chemicals
  10. Liquids or food waste

Find out more by following the link to the article that was published by SNJ here --> Atlantic County Changes to Recycling Program

To download or print a recycling Flyer, click below

Recycling Flyer 2019.pdf